Meet Brittney Ciccone, Fine Artist

Written by Jenna Talbott • Photographed by Sarah Winchester // “Oh my goodness, you HAVE to meet Brittney! She’s one of my favorite artists to go to when I’m styling a shoot!” said our dear friend, photographer Sarah Winchester, one recent day. Turns out she was right! And now YOU have to meet her!

With a degree in fine arts from FIT and a professional pastry certificate from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, in addition to studying the cello for nine years, Boston-based artist Brittney Ciccone has spent her life creating with her hands. Now painting full-time out of her studio at 450 Harrison Ave, Brittney’s most recent body of work, including her Ethereal and Faceless series, is abstract and displays her specific technique of applying paint. The effect is layered and lyrical, rich with texture and transparencies. Brittney experiments with her process, often painting at night for the silence or in the case of her Faceless series, begins her paintings with her eyes closed. “I allow my subconscious to influence my work. From those gestures left behind, I find the subject of my paintings.”

Brittney works both large [84”x64”} and small [9”x12”] and on canvas, linen or paper. A solo exhibit of her Faceless series will open on July 1 at the Acton Memorial Library., @brittneycicconeart