Meet Hannah Blount, Jewelry Designer and Maker

Written by Noelani Zervas • Photographed by Noelani Zervas | At Hannah Blount Jewelry, each gem tells a story. Hannah’s creations sing a song of the sea, weaving together tales of fisherman, the strong women who raise families in their absence, sea creatures real and imagined, and life and death itself. Hannah refers to her work as ‘handcrafted jewelry for the modern storyteller’ and her customers relish her tales, coming back again and again for the next visual chapter.

Don’t be surprised when Hannah personally welcomes you (as she often does along with her pup Beryl), into her space at 450 Harrison Ave. The studio is a functioning workspace, ever-changing idea board, and modern Wunderkammer, packed with natural specimens of shells, curiosities, and art, collected over the years from friends and family.

The collections at Hannah Blount are a fine balance of organic matter and sophistication, all highly skilled in execution. Ruthie B., a collection named for her mother, is replete with barnacles, hand-carved fish scales in oxidized silver, and sleek sea snails. Vanity is subtly sweet and tough, with sharp prongs encasing delicate stones. Under the lamp of her work bench during our recent visit, we found and fell in love with scrimshaw mermaids and Memento-mori skulls, delicately inked into turquoise.

Hannah Blount Jewelry, open by appointment only., @hannahblountjewelry