Visit with Interiors Stylist Emily Starr Alfano

Written by Jenna Talbott • Photographed by Jessica Delaney // Emily Starr Alfano, the founder and creative director behind mStarr design, is no stranger to reinvention. Her career has wound its way through sports marketing and radio, to jewelry design and events and wedding design. Currently, she focuses her copious energy on interior styling and is the force behind @mstarrevdesign where she chronicles the renovation of her 1830s Boston-area home, affectionately dubbed #farmhousedialfano.

Bijou visited with Emily on a recent spring day and marveled at the layers of style packed into her jewel-box of a home. If you follow her Instagram, you’ll know that a long awaited kitchen update is currently underway. We chatted about the evolution of her home office, now a playroom for her three-year-old daughter Max, and how we all approach ever-changing space requirements as our families and careers grow.

“That room has always been my office/studio/storage space,” says Emily with a laugh. “When Max was around a year and a half, it became apparent that we needed a dedicated (albeit small) play space for her so I gave up the big desk and half the storage. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve now lost even more space!” 

BEFORE it was Max’s playroom:  mStarr Design  // Photo:  Joyelle West  via  Design Sponge

BEFORE it was Max’s playroom: mStarr Design // Photo: Joyelle West via Design Sponge

And how does an interior stylist and mom to a small child cope with the constant influx of props and toys? “Every month I try to donate or sell unused or outgrown toys. The problem is that many more (namely dress up items) are finding their way in!” It is perhaps some comfort to the rest of us that the puzzle persists, even for expert visual editors like Emily.