Emily Starr Visit, Evolution of the Annex

“It's funny,” says Emily Starr of @mstarrevdesign and mstarrdesign.com. “That corner of my living room has always irked me.” Once an open porch that a previous owner enclosed to extend the room, the addition of a wood-burning stove takes up a third of the usable space. Emily has tried countless furniture arrangements to make use of what she now wryly calls ‘the annex.’ “I could never figure out what to do. When we first moved in we borrowed a monstrous leather chair that didn’t fit but we stuck with it far too long.” And with the birth of her daughter, Max, the space had to accommodate the unavoidable onslaught of baby gear and soon an active toddler. (Max is now three.)

One of the great successes of the Annex’ current iteration is the addition of not one but two gallery ledges, handcrafted by Rowe Station Woodworks in Maine. “With limited wall space I’ve always sacrificed artwork and photographs,” says Emily. The ledge allows her to swap out favorite photos and milestones with her rotating collection of prints. “I just loved the woman when I first saw it [on Juniper Print Shop] and I chose the others based on what caught my eye and what colors they featured.” And for this designer, who won’t stop till she gets it right, this suits her just fine. // Jenna Talbott • Photos courtesy of M Starr Design